How does Sendybay work?

At Sendybay, we provide managed hosting for is a very popular email marketing software. It primarily uses Amazon SES to send emails for $0.0001 per email. It can also use your preferred SMTP provider to send emails. With Sendy, sending bulk emails are easy, cost effective and delivers ROI.

  • Setup Overview
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Sendybay Excusives
  • Getting Started

Setup Overview

We run your Sendy setup on our own EC2 servers. The servers are tuned to optimise sending speeds and scale as your needs grow. In last 5 months, we have had customers send a total of 70 million emails. The CRONs work timely and we support all of them – Import CSV, Scheduler, Autoresponder, Segment Updater. 

In addition to the default Sendy features, we provide exclusive features available only to you when you host your Sendy setup with us. These features are collectively called “Sendybay Exclusives”. See section below on more details on that. 

Total Cost of Ownership

While Sendybay pricing is available on the Pricing page and it starts at $3.99, your upfront cost might be higher. For running Sendy, you will need 3 things – 
Sendy License (One time $59)
Amazon SES Account – Pay as you go – $0.0001 per email
– Our hosting plan – Monthly payment starting at $3.99

We do NOT provide Amazon SES account. If you have an existing Sendy license, you can use that with us. 

Sendybay Exclusives

Exclusives are special features that are built by our team on top of Sendy. There are solutions to common problems that are not available in Sendy by default. Here’s what we offer as icing on the cake –
– Ability to abort a campaign while it is sending
– Pre-bundled language support. Sendy comes with pre-installed language translation files. (Right now, only Spanish language is available)

Getting Started

Start your Sendy setup by signup up with us at Sendybay.

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'What a beautiful thing, much easier then using your own host.'.
my team was thinking you are a bot. no one can give this type of a support.. i told them there are still good people available on earth 😄
You are really helpful and have really won my customership here.